Fun and Functional Gardening: It’s time to put on your garden gloves and get digging!

Fun and Functional Gardening: make your garden as fun and functional as possible

For some people gardening is a part-time hobby, for others it’s a borderline obsession. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with either.

Fun and Functional Gardening: It’s time to put on your garden gloves and get digging!

Regardless of the category you fall into, there’s no reason not to make your garden as fun and functional as possible. A word of warning… Once you get hooked, there’s no turning back!

Groovy Gardening Tips

Even though these gardening tips technically won’t make your garden more “whimsical”, they’ll make the task of creating and maintaining your garden space easier. We hope you’ll find them useful.

  • In the event that you’re using large (porch-type) planters, make it easier to lug them around by replacing the rocks you normally put in the bottom with several 20-ounce water bottles. They should be empty, with the cap screwed on. The bottles allow for adequate drainage without adding extra weight.
  • Do you love hanging planters? Place one or two disposable diapers, minus the plastic, in the bottom of each planter. This helps to maintain the moisture level so that you don’t have to water the plants as often. Don’t waste money on national-brand diapers; store-brand ones work just as well.
  • Store a ball of twine in a clay pot. When you need it, simply pull the end through the drain hole and you’ll never have to worry about tangles.
  • Good-quality garden tools are expensive. Keep them in tip-top condition by storing them in a large pot, filled with builder’s sand. The sand prevents the tools from rusting.
  • If you’re leaning toward starting a “low-maintenance” garden, consider going with perennial flowers. The vast majority of them look wonderful the entire season and almost take care of themselves.
  • Before you start playing in the dirt, help to ensure that your fingernails stay clean by running a bar of soap on the underside of each.
  • Fashion a makeshift watering can out of an empty gallon milk jug. Poke several holes in the lid and you’re good to go.
  • Paint the outside of your clay pots with a thin layer of varnish or latex paint. Not only does this make them longer lasting, it also holds moisture in and keeps plant roots cooler.
  • Take a few minutes to mark common gardening measurements (using a permanent marker) on a frequently used garden implement like a shovel or rake. This will save you tons of time whenever you’re in the mood to plant something new.
  • If you find yourself dealing with pesky aphids, try blasting them with water from the nearest hose. They typically hide on the underside of leaves. If the tsunami doesn’t kill them, wrap a wide piece of duct tape around your hand (sticky-side up, of course) and get rid of them that way.
  • If chilly weather threatens your plants, you can protect them with empty milk jugs. Remove the cap. Cut off the bottom of each with a pair of sharp scissors. Place the rest of the jug over your plant. Push it down in the dirt to ensure that it doesn’t fall over if it gets windy.

Hopefully, these tips will save you time and frustration. The more functional you can make your garden, the more enjoyable working in it will be. Chances are, your crops will be more bountiful as well.

There are literally thousands of ways to incorporate fun and functionality into a garden space. Even better, there are no ‘set in stone’ rules and the outcome is totally up to you.

This information hardly scratches the surface when it comes to fun and functional gardening ideas. Everyone’s dream garden and creativity level is different, and that’s perfectly ok. The gardens you choose depend on your geographical location and physical abilities.

Think of your garden as a work in progress. Take your time during the initial planning stages. Read books, scour the internet and visit local garden shops for ideas. Even if you take things slow, before you know it your empty space will be a fun and functional garden. It’s time to put on your garden gloves and get digging!

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