5 March 2024

Hora Credit Discount Code: non-banking online financial institution

Hora Credit is a non-banking online financial institution that operates on the Romanian territory and provides all its customers with advantageous loan offers, without pledge or other collateral and without hidden fees. To get a credit, you need to meet these simple conditions:

HoraCredit coupon code: provides everyone with advantageous loan offers
  • Minimum age for application 19-year
  • A stable monthly income

Required documents are:

  • Bank account statement
  • Identity Bulletin

Method of obtaining money:

  • Directly to your bank account

Terms of loan:

  • Completing the credit will take less than 8 minutes
  • No pledge and intermediaries
  • No hidden fees
  • Money is provided for all your needs
  • Maximum loan amount 10 000 RON

The program has a bonus scale:

  • From 1-29 deals – 36 EUR
  • From 30-45 deals – 40 EUR
  • From 46-60 deals – 44 EUR
  • From 61-75 deals – 48 EUR
  • From 76 + deals – 52 EUR

HoraCredit coupon cod

Click on the GET DEAL, and then you will be redirected to the official website for applying the discount

The Countries Offer is Live in:

  • Romania


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