The Guys’ Guide to a Kick-ass Dating App Profile

How to Write a Kick-Ass Dating Profile

Have you been trying to land a high-quality woman on apps like Bumble or Hinge, but can’t seem to get a match?

The Guys’ Guide to a Kick-ass Dating App Profile

Let me show you exactly how to create your dating app profile, from start to finish, to be a magnet for the partner of your dreams!

Is The Guys’ Guide to a Kick-ass Dating App Profile For You?

This E-Book Gives You Quick and Easy Steps to Transform Your Dating App Profile to Attract the Best of the Best Matches for You!

  • Do you want to attract a high-quality partner into your life?
  • Do you want to learn how to be more confident in the digital dating world?
  • Do you want to date the best of the best in your area?
  • Are you ready to get back out there and go on epic dates, but don’t even know where to begin?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this guide is for you!

What Will You Learn From The Guys’ Guide to a Kick-ass Dating App Profile?

Click Click, Pose!

How to take and share photos that will draw in high-quality women.

Write It Out

How to write your profile so that it authentically shows off how awesome you are…and makes the ladies wanting to know more!

Do’s and Don’ts

What to include (and what NOT to) in your profile to make you desirable AF.

Swag Factor

The hottest tips to pimping out your profile to make it a magnet for your perfectly-aligned partner.

Why Should You Trust The Guys’ Guide to a Kick-ass Dating App Profile?

Hi. I’m Alix Lynx.

I’ve been an adult actress since 2014, and I’ve been off and on dating apps for years.

Every time I would log on, all I could think of for ¾ of them was shit like, “These profiles are fucking terrible.”

The Guys’ Guide to a Kick-ass Dating App Profile

Eventually, I got super frustrated with seeing crappy profiles (look…I come from a 9-5 background where people need resumes to get their desired job. In my eyes, I was just looking at a bunch of resumes that could be WAY WAY better, so they would stand out and be extra appealing to “potential employers.” See what I mean?).

But not only that, I felt BAD for these poor fellas!

I just KNEW that a lot of these guys had to be really fucking cool in real life and well worth getting to know and spending time with, but between the terrible grammar on profiles, not enough info, and dumpster fire-quality photos, these first impressions were just NOT doing it for me.

And if I felt that way, I was willing to bet that there were plenty of other women (or men, if that’s your jam) who felt the same way, too.

Not only am I a motherfucking pro on the art of attraction, but I’m also a super-duper mega ultra nerd when it comes to communications, branding, and marketing.

It’s my thing. Literally. I went to school for it. I have my MBA in digital marketing. And I do it every goddamn day. Have been for nearly ten years.

So you’re in good hands here.

Ultimately, that’s all this is.

It’s presenting yourself in the best possible way that you can to the world to give you the best chance at creating the best opportunities for yourself.

In this case, these opportunities come in the form of high-quality humans who you will potentially date, and maybe even more.

So, if you’re ready to make your online profile be a perfect match for your kickass self IRL, buckle up. Let’s do this.

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